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Workplace harassment is a disturbing problem across America. Gender equality in particular is one of the foremost social justice issues of our lifetime. Recent events involving high-profile figures and the social media movements that have followed brought these realities into focus.

However, while responses around the world to the #MeToo movement and other social equity campaigns are well intentioned, there remains a startling absence of training aimed to reverse, not just report and manage, harassment in the workplace. At the same time, (especially male) employees have become increasingly paralyzed with fear and apprehension as they withdraw from expressing fully appropriate forms of colleague appreciation and engagement. As an attorney and equality advocate, I am working to provide proactive solutions so that we can all enjoy a thriving workplace that prevents harassment from occurring in the first place. ACTIVE Equality® is my direct response to these pressing issues.

As a husband, father to a baby daughter, and in-house attorney who has seen far too many lawyers merely advise their clients how to avoid or manage liability in harassment allegations, I want us to advance far beyond reactive compliance protocols. I am on a proactive mission to ensure your employees have the right tools and mindset to prevent harassment and other problematic behaviors while championing a new status quo. After all, the real root of such problems is not a lack of compliance knowledge or having too few rules: it is about failing to value the inherent dignity of every human being.

I am honored to have you join me on this journey. Together I have no doubt that ACTIVE Equality® can be our collective legacy.

Equality For All,

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